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Spring Training has begun, so another baseball season is upon us. Therefore, it's time to do our annual ritual of saying goodbye to teams that are leaving, and hello to new teams.

In the world of affiliated minor league baseball, most of the changes involve a shuffling around of teams owned by the Elmore Sports group. First, the Texas League San Antonio Missions, a AA affiliate of the San Diego Padres, are relocating to Amarillo to become the Amarillo Sod Poodles. That leaves room for the Pacific Coast League's Colorado Springs Sky Sox (a AAA affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers) to move to San Antonio and take on the Missions name. That in turn leaves room for the Helena Brewers (a Short-Season A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers) to move to Colorado Springs as the Rocky Mountain Vibes. Unfortunately for the fans of Helena, that's the end of the chain, as no team is moving there to take the H-Brewers' place.

The only other move in affiliated baseball is that the Buies Creek Astros are now the Fayetteville Woodpeckers. This move comes as no surprise; the new Carolina League franchise was awarded to Fayetteville in the first place, but spent two seasons in nearby Buies Creek while a stadium was built in Fayetteville.

There are also a few changes over in the world of independent baseball. In the American Association, the Wichita Wingnuts are no more, as their stadium is being torn down so that the city can build a new one which will house a Pacific Coast League team which is moving to Wichita. Replacing the Wingnuts in the AA are the Milwaukee Milkmen. Meanwhile, the Frontier League is shrinking by two teams, as the Traverse City Beach Bums have folded and the Normal Cornbelters have moved to the Prospect League (a collegiate league). In the Atlantic League, the Road Warriors now have a home and have become the High Point Rockers.

Our condolences go to all fans who are losing teams.

"What's the Bush League Factor?" you may be thinking.

Basically, it's a not-too-serious attempt at quantifying how lousy some of the logos in minor league hockey and baseball are. Certain offenses have been catalogued -- cartoony logos, logos with irrelevant features in them (such as a bear in the logo for a team called the "Aces"), trendy and/or garish colors, and so forth. Each offense has been given a point value, and the scores have been added up.

Some people would say that I need to get a life, and they may be right, but until then I'm going to keep working on this.

Updates should come roughly once a week during the season...maybe more often, maybe less. Keep checking to see what I have to say. With every update one team (sometimes more if I'm feeling ambitious) will be spotlighted. Teams will be done in a seemingly random order (it isn't, but the exact order is left as an exercise to the reader).

Navigation is fairly straightforward. Look at the links on the left and click on the team or department you want to go to.

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